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But, winter is coming soon here in Michigan and could use some idea's of using the shallow well as the picture pump would freeze.

I know some options are things like a jet pump or submersible pump.

I have an old jet pump and hooked it up to the well with 3/4" PVC pipe threaded onto the top of the pipe to pull with suction to help get flow going.

When I first start pumping, it will pump about 5 gallons a minute of fairly dirty water.

Now everything is fixed and i still have no water [ Post a Reply to This Message ] I just bought a property that had a well drilled last year and sealed with bentonite.

replaced another pipe becasue the pressure busted them.

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Will it ever be safe to drink the water from this well? my lines froze and pipes busted, fixed all the lines and i had water outsside of my house but not inside.Thus relieving the threads from bearing the brunt of each hammer strike. It is never really clear as it still has a yellow/orange tinge to it. [ Post a Reply to This Message ] I have zero knowledge of wells and would appreciate any advice.I damaged a pipe because Home Depot cannot cut the threads far enough down the pipe. We have been draining it for the last 3 days every 2 hours and have not seen any improvement. I live in Lincoln County NC and bought a new house a couple years ago.,, Integrating,,your,,curated,,content,,to,,your,,website,,or,,blog,,will,,allow,,you,,to,,increase,,your,,website,,visitors,,engagement,,,boost,, SEO,,and,,acquire,,new,,visitors Learn,,,more,,,about,,,the,,,different,,,existing,,,integrations,,,and,,,their,,,benefits,,, How,,,to,,,curate,,,as,,,a,,,team? ,,, Save,,,time,,,by,,,spreading,,,curation,,,tasks,,,among,,,your,,,team Learn,more,about,the,different,options, We'll,suggest,content,based,on,your,keywords, Examples:, To,get,content,containing,either,thought,or,leadership,enter:, To,get,content,containing,both,thought,and,leadership,enter:, To,get,content,containing,the,expression,thought,leadership,enter:, You,can,enter,several,keywords,and,you,can,refine,them,whenever,you,want You,,,are,,,the,,,content,,,you,,,publish,,, Get,,, Started,,,for,,, FREE,,, Sign,,,up,,,with,,, Facebook,,, Sign,,,up,,,with,,, Twitter,,, I,,,don't,,,have,,,a,,, Facebook,,,or,,,a,,, Twitter,,,account,,, Need,,,content,,,for,,,your,,,business? last winter the pump started cutting off losing prime.

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