Boulder colorado dating site

30-Jun-2017 01:18

I chimed in with what I thought was my shared passion for bikes and hitting the open road in the summer. I headed home reminiscing about how just a few months before, I would have dated anyone who even knew what full suspension . This grand experiment began in January and (perhaps shockingly) I've continued dating only Sam, the non-outdoorsy, nacho-eating scholar.I never went on a second date with John or Adam, and I even stopped using Ok Cupid after the third date with Sam.But after a week of swiping, I hadn't found any matches I was actually interested in, and browsing the app began to feel like a chore.The more I thought about it, the less sense Tinder made in a place like Boulder.At the same time, everyone I knew personally in Boulder was in a relationship, so I didn't have any beta on the dating scene around town. At the very least I expected variations of a bearded, flannel-wearing man who'd want to wake up early on Saturdays and hit the slopes with me—maybe even show me some secret powder stashes.

Though I was hesitant about his indifference toward discussing Gore Tex and good backpacking routes, we made easy conversation for over three hours and he seemed endearingly enthusiastic about letting me introduce him to my favorite trails. We met at a local bar and settled into a food-drama-free meal of burgers and beer (finally! He was an avid mountain biker with requisite scabbed knuckles; exciting stories of launching off trails; and three bikes, including a new fat bike, which he was religiously using throughout the winter. Outdoorsy snobbiness had reached new levels on this date.We'd failed the ski pass compatibility test—but there was still hope.Then the food came, and unfortunately for the future of our relationship, his dish was served with extra rice.The plan was to run my company, Outdoor Fest, virtually—planning a summer festival, answering emails, and enjoying views of the Flatirons. I was happy to take in the relatively slower pace of Colorado life and the seemingly endless sunshine. I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship in NYC, and getting back out there wasn't foremost on my mind—until approached me in January with an assignment.

What was it like for a city girl to date in America's most outdoorsy town?We met for sushi and the conversation started off strong with skiing (yes, one of my favorite topics).