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The sadistic savagery of those crimes reverberated throughout America’s gay communities.Two of Cunanan’s alleged victims, Jeffrey Trail, 28, and David Madson, 33, looked as if they had walked off a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box: from upright, loving, midwestern families, they were intelligent, handsome, and well liked.

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The crimes took place between November 1977 and June 1979, and covered a wide swath of suburban Los Angeles from Burbank to El Segundo, authorities said.

The Miglin family has vociferously denied that Lee or his 25-year-old son, Duke, a fledgling actor in Hollywood who has a bit part in this summer’s ever met Cunanan.

The fourth dead man, William Reese, a 45-year-old caretaker of a Civil War cemetery in New Jersey with a wife and son, is considered by clinicians who study serial killers a “functional homicide.” Unlike the other victims, Reese was probably murdered simply for his 1995 red Chevrolet pickup truck.

Cunanan considered Trail, a graduate of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, to be his best friend, and referred to him as “my brother.” Madson, a rising architect, was the great unrequited love of Cunanan’s life.

Although they had broken up in the spring of 1996, Cunanan still kept Madson’s picture taped to his refrigerator door.Though Alcala was the winning bachelor on that segment of , strangely, the bachelorette refused to go on the date with him.

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