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15-Dec-2017 06:05

So I thought you should know, to add to your knowledge base.

Brown women Nothing fires up men like a light skinned woman.

We all know how adventuresome Adam and Eve were, till they discovered it.

Since then, sex has been revolving from generation to generation.

Those brown thighs will leave any sexualized man craving to fondle them or do anything manly on them.

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It’s Just Sex: Does he say he wants you all the time and he’s constantly blowing up your phone?

While women in make-up annoy and offset one's sexual thirst.

According to most men, those thick layers of make-up, thwart the sexual stamina.

“If he is comfortable after the deed is done and doesn’t want to jump out of the bed right away, he’s likely got feelings for you,” Ethridge says.

It’s Just Sex: In the midst of your bedroom aerobics, he starts rattling off compliments like “I love your body” or “You feel so good!Hate to break it to you, but you’re his hotline bling.

Marie Helena Nelson Hobby, the daughter of Ralph and Mabel Nelson, was born on December 5, 1935 in Glasgow, Montana.… continue reading »

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