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"Sounds reasonable, on the face of it, but consider the fact that most of these countries are just barely keeping their heads above water in a world economv driven by America's standard of living.

"Clearly, this is not to suggest that we should keep cutting rain forests, but any solution that seeks to save the world on the backs of those \vho have the least is not only morally indefen- sible but doomed to failure. True leaders point to solutions." Baker offered the Class of I'J'^l three challenges: end po\'ertv and human Washington College Magazine/fo// 2993 College Recognizes Two For Good Works The bestowing of honorary de- grees is one method by which a college shows its appreciation for services rendered, either to the school or to society at large.

We should be most proud that this traditional belief in the intellect, ability, and keen spiritedness of young women has been passed down for a century. In researching her story on the history of coeducation.

Sue De Pasquale found no record of the specific accomplishments of Bertha Stiles, the first woman on the Washington College faculty, or of those first female recipients of their bachelor's degrees.

"Leaders set examples by their own actions, and people follow. ^^^^^ WASHINGTON COLLEGE MAGAZINE Celebrating 100 Years of Coeducation ASAnr ARl 1nc;ton( ()i I r( .m \i »Y 1991 SOPHIE KERR Wl Education By Tradition In a recent discussion I heard it said that Washington College was somewhat deficient in its lack of traditions. 1 presumed this to mean rites and rituals along the rather trivial lines of freshman beanies and conceded that some customs lend a sense of continuity to life on campus. Even so, the death of the Elm is not the death of tradition at Washington College.

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Though the tree is gone, our veneration for the College's distinguished past thrives.

"These days," he continued, "ambi- tion is back in vogue as compared to when I graduated from college [in 1976].