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10-Jul-2017 10:04

Everyone would know about the Matterhon peak in the Alps, a replica of such a mountain is found in the Svanetian caucasus which is paragon and it is called as the Ushba which is at an altitiude of 4778 metres above sea level.

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Unlike any other region I've written here so far the Svaneti region has so many features that you would enjoy if you love trekking and admire natural beauty.This mountain ranges also forms a border between Georgia and the Russian federation.The mountain ranges of the great caucasus has sveral peaks of magnificient height with the highest peak at an altitude of 5068 metres Shkhara and the lowest at a range of 3168 metres named as Dhonguzoruni pass.Mtsia is the administrative town for the entire Svanetian region.

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It is also presented by Lentekhi district which is the administrative town for the lower Svaneti.One such prominent person is Mikheil Khergiani under whose name several awards and honours are given.

It is also said that she will wear the same pair of socks throughout a winning run. Sharapova hails from a remote oil town in Siberia; Williams from an Los Angeles ghetto.… continue reading »

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