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General Hospital writers brought the character of Elizabeth Webber to Port Charles at the age of fourteen. Steve Hardy, one of General Hospital's original characters, and the daughter of Dr. She is said to have lived in Boulder, Colorado with her parents and her older sister, Sarah Webber.

While growing up in Boulder, Elizabeth said that she never received as much attention as her sister did and always rebelled and got into trouble.

After dealing with rape at 15 yrs old, Elizabeth was able to reform herself as a kind hearted and compassioniate person.

However, despite her sweet nature, She used to be self- destructive and impulsive when it came to love and relationships throughout the years.

Lucky forgave her and he teamed up with Nikolas to rescue both Elizabeth and Emily after the man that had raped Elizabeth held both young women at gunpoint.

By this time Elizabeth and Lucky realized that they were deeply in love with each other and set their sights on a future together.

But that is because she was hurt since her parents pretty much abandoned her. Elizabeth goes through the stages of denial, anger, and eventual acceptance.

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She was hesitant, until Lucky promised that he would go to New York with her.Her parents ended up moving to Sarajevo to work as doctors there, leaving Elizabeth no choice but to live with family friends.