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22-Oct-2017 09:26

THE FUTURE Dr Azar’s experience with smart lens technology goes back to research he conducted with colleagues at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Clinic.He holds several patents on accommodating eyeglasses dating from 2008, and believes the same approach can be applied to smaller lenses. You need a controller and an actuator that drives the change in the power of the lens, and a sensor that can feed the information [for accommodation].

Although dual-optic accommodating IOLs are relatively new, their outcomes are promising, as they provide large amplitudes of accommodation and a greater IOL displacement than single-optic accommodating IOLs.

Aunque estas LIOs acomodativas son relativamente nuevas, sus resultados son prometedores, ya que aportan grandes amplitudes de acomodación y un mayor desplazamiento de la LIO que las LIO acomodativas de óptica simple.