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23-Jul-2017 11:11

Gradually the site silted-up from soil erosion and poor farming cultivation on the upper Patapsco, and the maritime economy of the Landing faded.In the 19th Century it became an important stop on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and the main north-south East Coast highway for wagons and carriages. The town of Baltimore became the county seat in 1767.In 1674, a proclamation of the Proprietor established the then-extensive boundary lines for old Baltimore County.Over the next century, various segments of the old county were sliced off as population and settlements increased in fringe regions.

These events have been commemorated ever since by Defenders' Day, an annual city, county and state official holiday on September 12. In 1674, the General Assembly passed "An Act for erecting a Court-house and Prison in each County within this Province".

The courthouse on the Bush River referenced in the 1683 Act was in all likelihood the one created by the 1674 Act. APG's Cultural Resource Management Program attempted to find Old Baltimore, contracting with R. Goodwin first performed historical and archival work and coordinated with existing landscape features to locate the site of Old Baltimore.