Updating a recordset free cartoon sex games online

15-Jun-2017 06:21

", vb Information I thought it might be good to look at this from another angle.

Update End If End With Loop Msg Box "Data has been updated!

The key field in the excel sheet is in column A and corresponds exactly to the primary key in the Access table. Screen Updating = False ' Prevents screen refreshing.

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My earlier approach just doesn't seem to be working. Path Separator & TARGET_DB My Conn = "C:\Admin\DB_test1.mdb" With cnn .

Execute " UPDATE damaged_card " & _ " SET Quantity='" & Me.txtquantity & "'" & _ " WHERE Quantity=" & Me.txtquantity. If it still fails, check the values in runtime and try running the SQL manually and see if it works that way.

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