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24-Jun-2017 02:57

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The descriptions of each one were then crafted by a small group of leaders based on the blizzard of Post-It-Notes grouped around each of the competency clusters.Some organizations shuffle, sift, and prioritize card decks listing generic competency sets.Ever wished you could clone your most effective leaders?

In one study we found executives working on weaknesses reported their leadership improvement efforts had minimal impact on business results and even less effect on the commitment or engagement levels of their direct reports.If they’re relevant and well written, the descriptions are very helpful.What’s implied is that the pathway to peak performance is improvement across dozens of skills and behaviors.There is a decades-long history of failed organization initiatives.

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Dozens of studies have shown that 50 – 70% of organization improvement initiatives like customer service, leadership development, performance management systems, restructuring, quality improvement, etc. The implementation of leadership competency models is clearly heading toward that same cliff.When a leader gets a 360 feedback report from his or her direct reports, peers, manager, and others the natural instinct is to quickly skip past positive ratings and comments and look at “where I need to improve.” Our research shows unless there’s a Fatal Flaw needing immediate attention, this is badly off track.